Gay dates

3 tricks for the perfect gay date

written by Kristen on January 04, 2017

When you’re out on a date nerves might get the best of you. However there are plenty of little things you can do – regardless of how nervous you are – to make your experience that much better. That’s why I’ve compiled a short list of a few things you can do while on a date with your potential prince charming. If you find that your dates have been a little sub-par, reading through this might help you to even identify the problem!

Gay model

Gay dating tips from the most right-swiped man

written by Kyle on January 04, 2017

For the most part, gay dating is similar to straight dating. In fact, the only real difference is that when dating gay men, you're not courting a member of the opposite sex. Instead of trying to woo a woman, you're trying to woo a man. It’s the same game just different players.

Unexpected gay

11 unexpected things gay men do

written by Kristen on January 04, 2017

With the gay community ever growing, people are starting to see gay culture as more mainstream. People are more willing to accept the people around them for who they are at their core. However, stigma’s still exist which insinuate that gay men don’t do certain things.

Gay sites

7 gay sites that actually work

written by Kyle on January 04, 2017

Gay dating sites are not particularly hard to find, but many of them are plain bad. Some of them don’t even work, long abandoned by their creator to the graveyard of the internet. However, there are several fantastic sites - which may not be exclusively for gay dating - that are still fully functional. In order to help you with your gayest romantic endeavors, I've listed a couple of sites where you can connect with other men!

Classy gay

7 Things Your Classy Gay Friend Probably Won't Admit To

written by Kyle on January 04, 2017

Although being gay is still seen as taboo in many places around the world, sexualities which vary from the heterosexual norm are beginning to be accepted. People are more open about their sexuality, and they care less about how others might judge them. Gay culture is getting closer and closer to being integrated into the mainstream world. This phenomenon allows us to have a more open conversation about gay culture and gay sex. However, there are a couple of things that gay couples might not be too open to sharing.

Gay roulette

We tried gay roulette - here's what we think

written by Kristen on January 04, 2017

Well, the high-tech age brought amazing wonders upon us, one of those wonders is the gay roulette. If you’re into a little bit of exhibitionism or voyeurism, then you might want to give these services a try! If you’re not shy to show your body to the world, don’t be afraid to turn your camera to and start streaming.

first date

5 things you must have at every gay party

written by Alfonzo on January 04, 2017

A Gay party is the same as a straight party, but better. There are no douche bags hitting on girls while chugging. These parties can get just as rowdy, if not crazier, than a straight party.

Ways to meet gays

11 unexpected ways to meet gays near you

written by Alfonzo on January 04, 2017

Meeting people is usually perceived as being difficult, all you need to know is where to look! Members of the gay community especially find it harder to meet people, but more often than not they're just looking in the wrong places in their particular town or city.

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