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Gay cam boys: 5 things you must know before starting

Kristen Kristen wrote this January 04, 2017

Webcam chat is widely spread by now, and it’s slowly taking over the other chat software. There’s some individual money in it, and it’s a perfect opportunity for someone to express themselves and their sexuality. The best thing about gay cams is that every single person logged in there is live.

There are no scripted scenarios and hardly any production whatsoever. Everything is raw and live! If you have some spare time and you want to put yourself out there and make some money, gay cams might be a viable choice for you.

You can have a great time and meet some new people without any commitments or obligations towards anyone. Furthermore, if you get a bit popular, nothing is stopping you from making a little money. These are the five things you need to know before starting a gay cam channel.

  1. People are different, don’t get emotional

    There are a lot of different people in this world and also on the Internet, it’s a simple fact. Some people are quite toxic for the environment, and you should avoid them, regardless of any amount of money they’ll offer. Some people don’t respect other people’s choices or their bodies, so if you put yourself out there in a sexual way be wary of viewers who try to take advantage.

    You also need to be prepared for haters. There are going to be times when people just look to insult you, but most of the time these rooms are a place of positivity – and sexuality. So try not to get emotional when dealing with trolls! If someone sees you’re weak and prone to breakdowns, they will bully you even more.

    Don’t get scared and give up immediately. If you want to be a cam model, you should do it. No one can dictate what you do with your time unless you let them. There is a great community of gay people out there, and it would be a shame not to be a part of it. Interact with your visitors, say “hi, ” and they will certainly respect your dedication. As we said, people are different, and there are a lot of bad ones but don’t despair.

  2. Make your viewers feel special and welcome

    The most important part in the webcam business is the interaction with the community. You’ll get fewer views if you refuse to acknowledge your visitors and exchange some opinions, experiences, and fantasies. Popular models have this success because they know how to handle a lot of users.

    Don’t get full of yourself if you see any success. Instead, stay genuine. People love getting noticed, especially by webcam models. It creates a sense of friendship and closeness. Organize some games on your channel, chase certain goals, or do anything you think would be fun for the people watching you.

    Don’t just stand there and do nothing, keep yourself active and interact with your fan base. They are there because of you, and you need to pay them some respect by, at least, talking with some of them. It’s painless, and the reward is more than worth the effort. You’ll generate more views – and more importantly tips – on a daily basis by being well-mannered and polite to the people in your chat room.

  3. Get quality equipment

    Having a webcam isn’t enough, you have to buy a quality one. There’s no use in low-end cameras with pixelated quality. You should get at least an HD webcam with a backlight and quality focus. That way they can actually see what you’re doing on cam. A vast majority of successful models own quite expensive pieces of equipment, and that plays a big part in gaining popularity.

    It’s going to pay itself out, don’t worry about that. Once you start racking up those tips online, nothing is stopping you! Also, don’t neglect the microphone quality as well. Sound quality is as important as picture quality, so make sure you purchase a good microphone. Having an ability to interact with your community in a verbal way is great. Plus you won’t have to worry about typing in the middle of whatever sexy thing you’re doing at the moment.

    That’s how you make new fans and how you collect more people for to follow your channel. You need to market yourself well in order to be successful.

  4. Advertise yourself

    Marketing is one of the most important things in webcam services. Having good advertisement will help you in many ways. Start with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Promote an event or promote your own session and you’ll certainly get some people on your side. Social networks are the number one marketing tool nowadays, so make sure you do that first.

    After that, you can opt for some paid listings, but it’s not mandatory. If you have good content, people will come regardless of your advertising level. Check out some forums and boards; many people are eagerly waiting for a new model to emerge from the ashes and give them some fresh pleasure. People who are going to visit you are certainly going to recommend you to their friends.

    Create a Facebook for your cam persona for people to friend! That way they can keep up to date with when you’ll be online.

  5. Be honest with your viewers

    Honesty is a must for success. You want to emanate good vibes to your viewers. Everyone loves a true spirit and reliable individual. No one likes a liar. If you come across as fake no one is going to bother paying you any mind. People are going to call you out for being dishonest.

    It’s not worth risking your whole career as a gay cam model just because you’re afraid of being your true self. It’s one thing to hide your face online, but it's another to build a whole new personality for yourself. We all have flaws, and no one is going to bully you because of yours. In fact, some people will like you because of your flaws and value your opinion because of how hot you are. Also, don’t mind the numbers. It’s always better to have a smaller number of true followers than a bigger number of casual ones. True followers tend to tip better.