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5 things your gay friends wish you knew

Alfonzo Alfonzo wrote this January 04, 2017

Having gay friends nowadays isn’t a rarity. If you don’t have a gay friend yet… just wait, someone’s bound to come out. More and more people are coming out of the closet and getting comfortable with their sexuality. There are maybe some things you’re curious about, but you’re afraid to ask your gay friends about them.

Don’t worry, there are also some things your gay friends with you knew, but they don’t know how to tell you, or they just don’t want to. Either way, we have made a list of five most common things your friends wish you knew, and we’ll reveal them to you and help you overcome your uncertainties.

  1. Nothing “Turned” Them Gay

    A bad experience isn’t responsible for your gay friend’s sexuality. Your gay friend didn’t suffer though a bad break up and then suddenly decide that they’d switch teams. Being gay is something that you’re born with, though it might be something it takes a while for you to come to terms with.

    It’s very frustrating either way. If any of your friends tells you he’s gay, start by believing them instead of instead of looking for reasons why they might be this way. There’s nothing shameful about being gay but there’s a lot of shame in making fun of someone who’s gay.

    Your circle of friends may consist of testosterone-filled dudes ready to bang at least three babes tonight, but that isn’t the only definition of masculinity. Don’t let your douche bag friends make your gay friends feel like less of a man for being gay. That’s really fucked up.

    If you have a friend who seems gay, hooks up with guys, or hasn’t been honest about it, respect their privacy. If someone hides their sexuality, it’s probably because they’re afraid to come out of the closet for any number of reasons. Just remember that everyone has their own struggle. You don’t get to determine what 's hard for other people.

  2. They are still your friends

    Yes, they might be gay, no, they didn’t suddenly change because they’ve come out of the closet. The most dangerous thing to do to your friends is assume their sexuality changes them at their core.

    Many guys fear that their gay friend might be into them, so they avoid any further contact. Don’t be that douche bag. This couldn’t be more screwed up. You’re going to look really dumb for destroying a friendship because you think they have feelings for you. That’s pretty stupid for multiple reasons and says something negative about you as a person.

    These actions can severely damage and hurt a person. Who wants to kick their friends into a deep abyss of depression? Well, certainly not good friends. Love your friends like you loved them before; nothing has changed, they’re still your friends.

  3. They are not comfortable everywhere

    It might come as a surprise, but your friends might not like the manly bars and endless torrents of beer. However, you shouldn’t judge them. Instead, you should try to find a compromise and find a new place in which you can spend time with your friend. Venture to a gay bar instead of your favorite sports bar!

    They need your support sometimes and maybe going out to the places they like is a good start. You need to be prepared for a change. The most important thing is to stay loyal to your friends no matter what. Sexuality has nothing to do with a person’s inner qualities.

    There are situations when you meet new people and become friends with them. Your friends might not like the new person; that doesn’t mean you need to break contact with one of them. It means you need to be ready for a compromise and make sure your gay friend stays in your life.

    If someone’s not comfortable around new people, simply make room for more people in your life and everything is going to be okay. Your friends certainly don’t like being neglected and forgotten.

  4. They still think girls are cute and attractive

    You know, being gay doesn’t mean you find women obnoxious and unappealing. Oh, not at all! Your friends still think some women are super-hot. Sitting in the park talking about every cutie who passes by isn’t a thing of the past, you can still do those things with your friends. You can appreciate appearance without wanting to bang that particular person.

    Think about it this way – All of those cuties are now exclusively yours! You couldn’t strike a better deal even if you wanted. But, many people overlook this benefit and judge their friends just for being gay. You’ve just gained a wingman who has no interest in swooping in on the object of your affection.

    So when you’re sitting in the bar trying to get some chick’s number why not send over your friend to be the perfect, unthreatening wingman. Plus, every girl wants a gay best friend. You’re bound to benefit from having this dude in your life because the girls are more likely to flock to him than you.

  5. It’s OK to ask questions

    It’s fine to ask your friends the questions you’re interested in. There’s nothing wrong in doing that! In fact, you’ll make the relationship with your friend better and more stable. Do not be afraid to ask anything you want; we’re sure your friends got some answers ready for you. What are friends for, right?

    As long as you frame your question in a merely curious way, they will certainly be more than happy to answer. This might not apply to everyone, but a vast majority of your friends probably doesn’t have any issues with answering your questions whatsoever. However, be respectful when asking questions concerning sexuality. Do your best not to seem like you might be mocking them for their tastes.

    You will get a better and a more detailed insight into their lives, sexuality, and desires. True friends should get to know each other well and share the good and the bad at any time. Don’t judge your friends just because they’re gay; it leaves a mark. Instead, arrange a meeting and have a cup of coffee. Exchange your desires and fantasies together.