Ways to meet gays

11 unexpected ways to meet gays near you

Alfonzo Alfonzo wrote this January 04, 2017

Meeting people is usually perceived as being difficult, all you need to know is where to look! Members of the gay community especially find it harder to meet people, but more often than not they're just looking in the wrong places in their particular town or city.

To make your life a little easier, I've listed a couple of ways - some of which are more creative than others - to meet gay men near you!

  1. Dating apps

    This is certainly not a creative or out of the box way to meet people, but it’s worth mentioning. Joining apps, especially those unique to gay dating, is an efficient and convenient way to meet people. Tons of men are looking for someone to talk to, or better yet hook up with! If you're busy or don't have time to go out and mingle, dating apps need to be a part of your life.

    If you're looking for an in person relationship or encounter location-based dating apps, like Grindr, are probably going to be the best for you.

  2. In straight bars

    You might not believe it, but straight bars have gay people in them. Continuously going out to straight bars can result in meeting some gay people, there’s no doubt about it. You might feel alienated or out of place especially if your town or city doesn't have - or doesn't have a lot of - gay bars. But that doesn't mean that exclusively straight people hang out in these places!

    If you catch someone checking you out, being in a straight bar doesn’t mean he’s not gay, so go for it!

  3. Facebook

    Yes, yes, we know, here’s another social network. Before you skip over this part, try to understand one thing: Facebook has a massive user base, some of which have to be gay, right?

    You might even be surprised to find that some of your seemingly straight friends list themselves as interested in men or both men and women. Sure, FB isn’t going; parties, but this platform allows you to join Facebook groups. Don’t be surprised if your town has a local gay community Facebook page to allow for members to meet up and communicate.

  4. Public events and fundraisers

    There are many public events going on right now in your town, why are you still at home? There’s a ton of potential to meet gays at events going on in your town. Businesses are constantly putting on little events and happy-hours to attract more customers, who said their customers are exclusively straight?

    Keep an eye out for happy hour events, wine tastings, and art sales. These are the kinds of events that will attract a more creative – and inherently gayer – crowed.

  5. At the gym>

    Gay men have a reputation for being hot, right? Well, how do you think they get those washboard abs? They go to the gym!

    Next time you’re up in the gym working on your fitness, pay attention the men around you. There’s a difference between mirin’ your form and checking you out. Try to sort out the difference and make some conversation in the locker room.

  6. In line at the coffee shop

    Waiting is probably the most inconvenient yet necessarily part of our lives. You’ll probably find yourself waiting in line several times a day, so pay attention to those around you. The might just be checking you out.

    Wherever people have to wait in line, you’re guaranteed to encounter men. Next time you’re at the Post office or at Starbucks, try to start a conversation with somebody, it may lead to a date!

    If you end up talking to a straight guy at least, you will kill a little time!

  7. Through your friends

    There’s no harm in asking your straight friends or your gay friends if they know of anyone single that they might be able to introduce you to.

    Many long-lasting couples met this way. You’re more likely to get along with someone you have mutual friends with than a stranger you meet at a bar or a club. So, I encourage you to ask your friends to set you up on dates! You have nothing to lose!

  8. In the park

    Do you have a dog? Do you visit the parks in your town? If the answer is no, you should consider either taking a stroll or taking up dog walking! Why? Because, just like any other human being, gay people like to take walks or have dogs that need walking.

    Making a walk in the park a part of your daily routine will allow you the chance to have some time to yourself or, better yet, sometimes to meet men.

    So head on down to the local shelter and adopt, or buy yourself a pair of running shoes and head out to your local green space.

  9. The library

    Gays don’t exclusively exist in clubs or at gay bars. Academics are just as likely to be gay or bi as anyone else. If you’re attracted to intelligence you ought to visit the library and scope out the men.

    While you’re not supposed to talk you can still flirt with your eyes or via cheeky notes. So the next time you’re reading at the library or at a coffee shop with; parties academic environment, try to make a move on the hottie reading 20th-century literature.

  10. In the community

    Pay attention at the next neighborhood potluck! The guy that lives in the apartment down the hall might be single and ready to mingle.

    The odds of you living near or being friends with gay men is extremely likely, just keep your eyes open.

  11. The theater

    Of all the unexpected-ish places to meet gay men this one should probably be the most obvious. Where do gay men thrive? THE THEATER!

    Oh c'mon, do you really think that guy playing Melchior in Spring Awakening is really straight? Do you really believe that the guy playing Link is thinking about women when he’s kissing Tracy in Hairspray!? Not with those jazz hands. No sir, that man is probably gay!

    So stick around after the show and maybe try to join the troupe.