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5 things you must have at every gay party

Alfonzo Alfonzo wrote this January 04, 2017

A Gay party is the same as a straight party, but better. There are no douche bags hitting on girls while chugging. These parties can get just as rowdy, if not crazier, than a straight party.

Maybe it’s a biased opinion, but regardless, they are in fact somewhat different when it comes down to the dynamics. I mean, there certainly is more pressure for the host to buy quality drinks and play decent music. Throwing a party for your gay friends might be difficult, but it’s worth it.

Well, these are the five most important things you need to have to have a successful night out with all of your gay friends.

  1. Decor

    The first step to having a successful party is setting ambiance. If your house or apartment isn’t decorated for the occasion are you even having a party? Be mindful that your friends are probably of a certain taste level and will be critical of your choice of décor.

    When you walk up to a party, you can usually make a judgment about how much fun you’re going to have if they party is decorated to a T. If your house isn’t strung with lights or the latest Pinterest trend then you’re not doing it right.

    Take to the internet to find the perfect theme and coordinating decorations. There are plenty of Pinterest boards, and DIY’s out there to be used as a reference. You basically have no excuse if your decorations suck.

    If you find yourself attending a gay soiree at a friend’s house make sure to compliment them if they’ve obviously tried hard to decorate for the occasion. You’ll probably make their night that much better.

  2. The variety of booze

    If you’re throwing a party, you should know that homosexual people tend to drinks pretty peculiar drinks. They’re not strangers to a nicely made Martini Bianco or a good glass of red wine. So be prepared to supply your attendants with a lot of different beverages.

    Make sure your drinks are suited to your guests. If you were throwing a frat party you might need a keg of cheap beer. But since you’re throwing a party for a bunch of gay men I’d advise you to keep the beer to a minimum. I’d opt for a more expensive brew than a keg of Rolling Rock.

    You can even incorporate your theme into your drinks. Label your beverages cheekily themed names if you’re looking to go that extra mile. If you’re a guest at a party, don’t be shy to try out some new combinations of alcohol, in reasonable amounts, of course.

    If you’re organizing the party, make sure to have a lot of ice ready as well. No one likes a warm drink.

  3. Music

    Well, you know how homosexuals feel about music. They love it! Everyone has a very different taste in music so you should make sure you’ve got a good range of genres on your playlist or have a couple prepared. This way you’ll avoid any unsatisfied guests.

    Most of the time people leave a party is because the music is consistently bad. Ask around about your guest’s general taste, and you should be okay. The trick is to include a lot of categories with a particular time frame. For example, don’t play EDM back to back to back. Make sure you throw in a little Gaga or Brittany for a 2000’s throwback.

    As long as you rotate through every genre, except country, of course, you should be okay. If you’re attending a party with bad music, feel free to suggest a song. But if the music choice is too heinous and they’re unwilling to change the songs you might need to make your exit.

    Though if you’re enjoying yourself otherwise I’d encourage you to step outside and have a cigarette or a drink. That way you can start up a conversation with some potentially eligible bachelor.

  4. Condoms

    While some uneducated people consider it a taboo, having a stack of condoms at a party isn’t going to hurt at all. You’ll set the tone for hook ups, and you’ll be sure you have protection ready if you score. While everyone likes to go out for drinks and dancing, most people like a good hook up too

    There’s nothing wrong in having a free stash of condoms at your party. Safety should be your biggest concern at all times, especially the safety of your guests. You don’t want them getting war flashbacks to your party when they find out they have STD’s.

    If you’re attending a party, feel free to use condoms if they’re available. However, if there aren’t any around, you should always have one ready for action in your wallet. If you’re going to go on the prowl, you need to be prepared for the hunt! It’s always better to prevent something than think about it when it happens.

  5. A phone

    This is pertinent for a fun and safe night out. Not only will you be able to contact your friends if you’re in a bad situation, but you’ll be able to scope out other parties or clubs if you find yourself at a lame party. You need a phone because you need to stay available for your friends if you or they get in trouble.

    Have your phone by your side at all times, and you should be okay. Don’t forget to set it on vibrate; parties tend to be loud, the good ones at least. Another benefit of having a phone is that you can keep your social media updated to the second. Post tons of pictures to induce the most FOMO physically possible.

    Also, it’s easy to take someone’s number when you have your phone charged and on you. Gone are the days of writing letters, so you might as well get their number.

    You can also take pictures of the actual event and share them with your friends via social media in real time. You never know, that might help your friend leave a terrible party and make it to yours!