Gay roulette

We tried gay roulette - here's what we think

Kristen Kristen wrote this January 04, 2017

Well, the high-tech age brought amazing wonders upon us, one of those wonders is the gay roulette. If you’re into a little bit of exhibitionism or voyeurism, then you might want to give these services a try! If you’re not shy to show your body to the world, don’t be afraid to turn your camera to and start streaming.

Once you get into this vortex of sweaty dudes who are ready for anything, you’ll find it pretty difficult to get back to reality. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on here, but it’s going to be worth it trust me. If you’re not familiar with the concept of webcam roulette, we’ll explain it in few simple sentences.

It’s a feature that lets you quickly change through active users and find the best suiting one for yourself. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s more to it than only hitting “next” all the time. Read this article, and you’ll get an insight into some of the things happening behind the doors of gay roulette.

  1. Who are these people?

    These are all genuine amateur enthusiasts from all around the world. The best part of this thing is that everything is live! Everything is raw and in real-time. These people are here to have some fun, talk, even masturbate. You can probably find whatever you’re looking for on here.

    All you need to do is find a person who suits your fancy. The layout is pretty simple, there’s not much you need to do to start. You’ll see your conversation partner on the left side of your screen. Try to behave nice with these people and remember they’re all as same as you.

    Anyway, there are some good people, and there are some bad people, like in any other corner of the world, it’s perfectly natural. The possibilities are great; you can find a new friend or a person to talk to. On the other hand, there’s the kinkier option of straight out jacking off in front of the camera. That’s a possibility as well.

  2. What are these people doing?

    Well, as far as we know, these people are looking for someone to interact with on a more private level but with total anonymity. Gay roulette is a place with many enthusiastic individuals who are there to have some fun.

    It’s a fast-paced thing, so there’s no need to worry about the choice. There are thousands of people lurking around looking for people to talk with or video-chat with.

  3. What are the features?

    You have a few possible combinations. The full package consists of your camera and microphone both being turned on. You can avoid exhausting keyboard typing by simply talking with your chat partner via microphone.

    Also, consider turning your camera on, we found out that people who turn on their cameras end up with much more success at the end. However, none of this is mandatory. You can simply turn off all of the features and opt for typing.

    Bear in mind, many of these people prefer talking and video chatting instead of typing to oblivion. You’ve got nothing to lose; you’re anonymous, and nobody will recognize you. There’s no reason you shouldn’t turn on your camera.

    The next feature is the “next” button. You can easily change your chatting partner with a simple click. If you don’t like what you see or what you hear, simply hit “next” and you’re done. It’s a really great feature, and gay roulette wouldn’t be the same without it.

    It brings in the thrill and the sense of speed. There are also a ton of emoticons available, as well as some stickers and other aesthetic features. That’s purely individual and there’s no need to describe a bunch of yellow things smiling straight to your face.

    You can also select the country you want to focus on and narrow down your choice even further. You won’t be getting people who are thousands of miles away from you. You’ll get someone from your region and you never know what might happen next.

    There are some fascinating stories from gay roulette, but that’s for you to find out.

  4. The conclusion

    While it’s a great thing, it’s not necessarily innovative. There are many roulette sites available around the Internet and this one looks like any one of those. Well, it does seem like it when you first see it, but you’ll gradually start getting addicted to it.

    As we said, once you enter this world, you’ll need a lot of effort to get out of it, especially if you make some new friends in the meantime. On the other hand, it’s a great way to meet some new people and get an insight into some other people’s fantasies and fetishes.

    You have a high chance of finding someone who has the same interests as you. You probably couldn’t meet someone like that in real life, at least not with ease.

    It’s an excellent way to kill some spare time as well. It doesn’t matter which time of the day it is; there are always some people lurking around in gay chat. This is the world which is full of same-minded people as you and it’s available 24/7.

    We couldn’t ask for more, even if we wanted to. The feeling you get when you realize a complete stranger is ready to take their clothes off just for you will make you keep coming back for more, there’s no doubt about that. Everybody understands each other in this world, it is quite impressive, to say the least.

    You have the guys jerking off for fun, the guys who are there for the dirty talk and the guys who want a slightly more of a serious conversation. The best thing is that they all coexist in a wonderful circle of sweet, spice and everything nice harmony. It’s a cool community and everyone should try it at least once in their lives. We all like new and exquisite experiences, right?