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7 Things Your Classy Gay Friend Probably Won't Admit To

Kyle Kyle wrote this January 04, 2017

Although being gay is still seen as taboo in many places around the world, sexualities which vary from the heterosexual norm are beginning to be accepted. People are more open about their sexuality, and they care less about how others might judge them. Gay culture is getting closer and closer to being integrated into the mainstream world. This phenomenon allows us to have a more open conversation about gay culture and gay sex. However, there are a couple of things that gay couples might not be too open to sharing.

That’s right: gays have their own set of guilty pleasures particular to their subculture. Do you think your class gay neighbors are that classy behind closed doors? You’re wrong! They've probably done or enjoyed a couple of things on this list, but they'd never tarnish their pristine reputation by sharing them with you. It’s as simple as that. Well, the time has come for us to give you an insight into some of the dirtier things your J-Crew clad gay neighbors probably have and continue to engage in.

It’s quite a ride so you should embrace yourself for some nasty information. Without further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Bottoming is quite fun

    Yes, being on the bottom while penetrating your horny partner is the best feeling ever. Yes, it does hurt, and yes it can get messy sometimes. But the reward is what makes it so great. The feeling you get when you see the sheer pleasure on your partner’s face denies any pain you might experience during gay sex. You might ask – But, who’s on the bottom? Well, many couples are both bottoms, so they switch sides occasionally to experience the same amount of thrill. It’s quite the usual thing within gay partnerships; they just don’t talk about it with others. People consider the bottom position, a submissive one. And admitting that you enjoy taking more than giving gives the impression that you're a pushover.

    Although the man on the top supposedly has the full control, you should ask a power bottom who's really in charge.

  2. Gays use poppers

    If you’re not familiar with Poppers, it’s an inhalant you can buy in any sex shop, and it relaxes your anal muscles on top of getting the juices flowing. real as a room deodorizer, but club kids - primarily gays - inhale it directly because of the immediate effect. Gay sex with poppers is a gift from heaven! Not only do they relax your involuntary muscles (like your butt and throat) but they essentially send a message to your brain that it's time to bang. They are quite affordable and accessible. Anyone can use them. Give it a shot; you won’t believe the results.

  3. Even the laziest tops love giving oral sex

    If you think you’re insulting the gay nation by calling them cocksuckers, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, you’re basically giving them a compliment! You might even be giving them a little encouragement or motivation to get laid. You should never forget that gay guys are, in fact, cocksuckers. It’s silly to think someone is going to get offended because of this.

    That’s ridiculous; it’s like calling Donald Trump a Scrooge. They love oral sex and it’s something they thrive on. No woman can perform the same quality of fellatio. Gay sex isn’t complete without a good session of oral. Even the laziest of tops enjoy being on the giving end of a throat-fucking. Don’t forget that. There’s nothing shameful about having a mouthful as long as it's someone you love... or the hottest person in the club that night.

  4. They do fantasize about others during gay sex

    That’s right; it’s not only a straight guy thing. Gays also do it, too. There are moments when you think about someone else while you’re having sex with your partner and it’s not uncommon. Well, it’s the same with gay guys as well. The only difference is that gays think about hot straight other guys during sex while you’re thinking about Beyoncé or Ariana Grande.

    Also, don’t fool yourself into believing that your girl isn’t thinking about some ripped stallion she saw in the gym earlier that day. Oh yes, she’s thinking about him. There's not much you can do about it other than hit the gym and maybe let her cum first for a change.

  5. Not all gay couples are monogamous

    It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. In many cases, gay couples are monogamous, but there are exceptions just like with straight people. What you don’t know is that there are couples who love three ways, foursomes and similar other horny adventures. Gay couples can also be swingers; swinging clubs for gay sex exist too.

    There’s no point of approving straight swinging and judging the alternative; it’s the same thing. Bear in mind, gays are the same as straight people in many ways, with minor differences. Like better fashion sense.

  6. Role-playing

    Gay people love role-playing, even more than straight couples. Men in straight relationships often have a problem of opening up (no pun intended) and sharing their secrets with their partners. It’s the same with gays, as well. They all love (sometimes) to be a luscious nurse or a naughty secretary, and there’s nothing bad in that.

    Men can even role-play two lumberjacks, and it won’t be weird at all. Sex offers endless possibilities, and the sad part is that people just can’t get a hold of it. There is some kinky stuff going on in the bedroom of gay humans.

  7. They watch porn and pick up the tricks

    Porn is not exclusive for straight men and women! That’s why gay couples watch porn as well. In fact, they learn some tips and tricks before engaging in the love making. The gay form of intercourse offers many other advantages considering that you are both the same sex and have a better understanding of the situation.

    There’s nothing hotter than picking up some cool movies from the hot land of the porn industry. In the end, let me tell you one little thing: gay sex shouldn’t be a taboo, and it’s slowly evolving to become a normal thing. Remember, they are like you and me. They do it all like any other person on earth. The sunshine is the same on their rooftop.