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7 gay sites that actually work

Kyle Kyle wrote this January 04, 2017

Gay dating sites are not particularly hard to find, but many of them are plain bad. Some of them don’t even work, long abandoned by their creator to the graveyard of the internet. However, there are several fantastic sites - which may not be exclusively for gay dating - that are still fully functional. In order to help you with your gayest romantic endeavors, I've listed a couple of sites where you can connect with other men!

To avoid the hassle of searching through hundreds of shady websites, we have all the most reputable sites listed right here for you. These are the best of the best, and they’ll offer you some of the most incredible experiences you’ve ever had. Not that long ago, gay sites were quite taboo which forced them to exist in the seedier part of the internet. Luckily, the community is spreading and continues to be accepted more and more all over the world.

  1. OKCupid

    This is a free website, and it connects straight people as well as members of the LGBT community. With such a massive number of users, it is virtually impossible for you not to find a suitable partner. OKCupid is a fantastic way to meet other gays and build friendships and perhaps serious relationships - if that's what you're looking for.

    The only negative I've found with the site is that there are plenty of fake profiles that were created to scam users. You’re running a risk of being a victim of a troll, but it’s all worth it. There’s a high chance of meeting someone who’s worth the effort. As far as dating sites go, OKCupid is near the top for gays.

  2. Chemistry

    This site has nearly a million-people registered as a man looking for men. The sheer fact that there are a million people in the same place with same interests is mind-boggling. You remember when we said gay sites offer great adventures? Well, this is one of them. The users of Chemistry can go through individual profiles and search for a partner that way.

    Many gay sites don’t have this feature unlocked right away, you either need to pay for it or you need to be friends with the person you’re interested in. However, this is a more exclusive website because a six-month subscription costs around $160, so there aren’t many trolls and fake people around.

  3. Elite Singles

    Elite Singles is among the most exclusive sites that have the man looking for man option. This website’s user base consists of 67% of people with some sort of degree, whether it’s masters or doctorate. So, you can say these are some pretty elite individuals indeed. If you’re looking to meet up with an elite member of gay society, this is easily the site for you.

    Gay sites often tend to be full of ill-mannered people and overly sexual individuals. This being said you're less likely to have problems whatsoever with these guys. They should know how to behave. These are true gentlemen, and they're looking to find like-minded, distinguished gays (like yourself!). The cheapest subscription costs around $20 per month if you opt for a 12-month payment plan.

  4. Match

    While it’s not from the category of exclusive gay sites, it’s worth mentioning because it’s the biggest online dating site in the world. Match website ranks up high when you Google “gay dating sites” because it has an enormous community of gay people. The advanced search options will allow you to find the perfect man for you by choosing specific qualities and interests through the search option.

    They have a neat feature in the form of a guarantee. In simpler words, they guarantee you will find your match in six months, or you’re going to get six more months of subscription free of charge! As far as gay dating platforms are concerned, Match has a secure place in the top 7.

  5. Compatible partners

    This is the eHarmony of gay and lesbian dating. Compatible Partners website seamlessly allows you to search for compatible people by filtering by your preferences. They have a slightly different concept than other gay sites. First of all, members complete the communication guide. Then, after two members have finished filling the form, they can move to an “open communication.”

    This commodity allows the members to send emails to potential partners while maintaining their anonymity. This is one of the better gay dating sites available on the Internet, and you should check it out. After all, you have nothing to lose. You have a partner to gain.

  6. Only Lads

    Only Lads is a gay social network, and it’s among the top seven best gay dating sites because it has over 750 thousand registered users. And guess what, they're all lads! It is free to log in using your Facebook, and you can also create a separate profile on the website. They currently have a website as well as an Android app. You can meet a bunch of hot men by signing up for this service.

    I can promise that you won’t regret clicking through to this site. While you’re there, you can upload some of your pictures and wait for all those lads to blow up your phone with endless notifications. However, beware of fake profiles and fake people. Because it’s a free-for-all access, it tends to have a lot of bots and fake profiles.

  7. Gay Cupid

    Gay Cupid is a part of the Cupid network which owns a lot of similar dating niche websites. They have a wide variety of different people registered, and they offer some pretty unique stuff. They will also offer different services to those people who are looking for a more serious commitment. This is not a hookup kind of website; these people are looking for their soul mates.

    The Gold membership costs around $25 per month while a Platinum membership costs around $30 per month. This site allows you the ability to get deep insight into other members' personalities. You won’t regret spending your money here if you're looking for something serious.