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11 unexpected things gay men do

Kristen Kristen wrote this January 04, 2017

With the gay community ever growing, people are starting to see gay culture as more mainstream. People are more willing to accept the people around them for who they are at their core. However, stigma’s still exist which insinuate that gay men don’t do certain things.

These assumptions are made based on prejudices and are often completely unfounded. However, people still perpetuate stereotypes because of these deep seeded prejudices and fears. I’m here to debunk these rumors. Here’s a list of things that gay men do indeed do.

  1. Checking out Women

    Just because someone's gay doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean he’s immune to what’s aesthetically pleasing. Gay men love women, so much so that a lot of gay men take the time to impersonate women as a career option.

    People find it odd when a gay person checks out someone of the opposite sex; it comes up as a surprise to some people. Well, gay men do check out girls. If anyone can recognize a bad bitch, a gay man sure can.

  2. Same sex friendships

    Gay men can maintain a healthy friendship with their buddy without any sexual interference. People are often scared that they might be put in an awkward situation of their male friend comes out.

    If you do happen to fall in love with your friend, it’s probably the best to tell them immediately or project your feelings onto someone attainable.

    If you value your friendship with someone and they end up coming out, it’s really messed up to destroy that connection over some sort of homophobic fear.

  3. Hard work

    People think gays are weak and feminine, but some work very hard to provide for their families. Don’t get surprised if that burly dude lifting heavy weights in the gym is gay. Don’t be surprised if the CEO of your company is gay. Gay men are strong regardless of the stereotypes. It could even be argued that they’re stronger than straight men because of all the hate they have to endure on a daily basis.

    Next time you meet someone who’s working a traditionally masculine job, don’t automatically assume he’s a straight man.

  4. Sometimes criticize the community

    Even though they’re constantly fighting for the gay global community, at the same time they’re fighting within the community. You might think we’re all together and happy, but it’s not the case.

    Although gays seem pacifistic on the outside, there are occasionally some misunderstandings within the gay community. For instance, there some people think it’s acceptable to broadcast that they don’t date “fat, femme, or Asian” men. This is deeply controversial and causes a lot of issues in the community. Don’t be surprised if you hear about fighting within the gay community.

  5. Drink beer

    A lot of gay men love drinking beer and hanging around the pubs. Sure, heteronormative douche bags do tend to drink beer by the gallon. But gay men are certainly capable of that too.

    There’s a stereotype gay men only drink fruity drinks. Well, it’s simply not true. There are many manly men in the gay community. Drinking beer doesn’t make you less of a gay.

  6. Watch sports

    It may come as a surprise, but there are some dudes who like watching professional football instead of the usual ballet and theater.

    Jokes aside, people don’t expect gay men to be insightful with professional sports and it comes as a great surprise to some.

    It may come as a surprise to you, but there are gay Olympians!

    Don’t get blown away by the fact that your new boyfriend knows a thing or two about sports. If you’re not into sports, you can easily stream cooking channels on YouTube while your boyfriend watches some rugby.

  7. Adopt children

    If you look a few years back, you would never imagine gay men could adopt children. Well, it’s a reality now, and many couples have adopted children including some of the celebrities like Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris.

    It’s not a taboo anymore and many people do it so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you encounter a gay man with children.

  8. Don’t get offended that easy

    Many people expect that most gays are all drama queens and would easily get offended by insults. Well, it’s simply not true. By calling someone a cocksucker or another slur, your actions says more about you than it says about him.

    Gay men ignore the haters and get along just fine. It may get hard sometimes, but it’s well worth the effort because being openly gay and liberated is priceless.

  9. Cheat as well

    Some might expect homosexuals to be faithful and monogamous, but that’s not always the case. There are some who like to cheat on their partners. This desire exists across sexualities.

    Don’t get surprised if you get cheated by your gay partner; it’s pretty common. Some might see it as a surprise considering the perception of always devoted to feelings and emotions.

  10. Anxiety problems

    Although many people think gays are all communicative and playful, that’s not always the trueth. There is a time when you simply freeze or you just don’t want to communicate with anyone from your surroundings.

    Many have been bullied in schools and some still have permanent emotional scars because of that. Many members of the gay community deal with anxiety disorders because of how they’ve been treated.

    And many people experience anxiety because of reasons unrelated to their sexuality. Gays are people too and deal with all the same difficulties everyone else does.

    Anxiety is terrible and extremely difficult to deal with. Just because a man is gay and is expected to be the cheery gay friend doesn’t exclude him from falling victim to mental illness.

  11. Can be slutty sometimes

    You wouldn’t expect a well-mannered gay man to be a kinky slut, would you? Well, reality check! You may not expect him to be, but he can turn into a real drama queens and a slut.

    I guess it’s in human nature to be protective of your belongings. Whatever you do, don’t let your boyfriend become a drama queen and a nuisance for you.