Gay dates

3 tricks for the perfect gay date

Kristen Kristen wrote this January 04, 2017

When you’re out on a date nerves might get the best of you. However there are plenty of little things you can do – regardless of how nervous you are – to make your experience that much better. That’s why I’ve compiled a short list of a few things you can do while on a date with your potential prince charming. If you find that your dates have been a little sub-par, reading through this might help you to even identify the problem!

I wanted to keep this list short, but I assure you these tips they are the three best – and easiest – ones. It’s silly to say they guarantee a successful date, but they certainly improve your chances for success.

  1. Forget about your phone

    Right on the beginning of the date, you should make it a point to put away your phone. Put it on silent and enjoy your dinner. I mean if you’re trying to get to know someone it’s really impolite to stare at your phone screen while somebody is trying to have a conversation with you.

    You should avoid this rude behavior since it’s really easy to do so, even when you are not on a date. Try to pay attention when someone is talking to you, and you may find some mutual interests or hobbies. Tell your friends not to call you, and if you need to answer your phone apologize and explain that it might be an emergency.

    Interrupting a good date is the first mistake people make, and it’s the most common one because we’re always getting calls and messages. Even though we live in a modern age, we should sometimes just talk to each other and exchange opinions like civilized people.

    Let your friends know where you’re going to be and ask them not to blow up your phone so you can focus on your date. He will appreciate the interest, and you also have a much better chance to stay focused on the actual date instead of reading through FB or checking Reddit while you’re out to dinner.

    However, remember to grab your phone when you go to the bathroom, you don’t want to leave your phone – and your personal life – exposed like that. The guy sitting across from you might take it upon himself to creep through your messages. Plus if you really need to check your phone you can do so while in the bathroom!

    If your date sees that you’re giving him your undivided attention, you’ll have a much better chance of scoring; there’s no doubt about it. People like when someone really wants to get to know them. Plus you might end up getting a second date.

  2. Avoid political discussions

    There are so many things to talk about, and politics isn’t one of them. In fact, you should avoid any conversations that might lead to controversial opinions and disagreement in general. Your date certainly doesn’t care about your opinion on Trump’s presidency, at least not on the first date.

    Take this advice seriously; it’s the most important one out of these three. Avoid discussing politics at any cost; it’s as simple as that. Try to engage a conversation with something interesting and positive.

    If you opt to discuss current events, talk about culture, books, or hot events going down around town. It’s silly and pointless to get into a complicated conversation with someone you’re trying to get to know positively. Your goal on a date is to get to know someone in a gradual way. Politics can be talked about later, once you know each other better and once you respect each other’s opinion.

    No one wants to discuss stressful, negative things when they’re trying to enjoy dinner and their date. You can ask so many different questions, politics-related ones aren’t one of them. Try to talk about positive stuff in general, don’t be a bummer and ruin your date with your strong opinions on political issues and elections.

    Nobody likes to talk about politics, especially when they’re trying to have fun. So even if you’re interested in politics, your date might not be so keen on that sort of discussion. The interaction with the other person is the most important thing here; that’s the element you need to nurture the whole time. By being communicative and creative with your stories, you’ll raise your chances up sky-high. Think about other topics to bring up while you’re getting ready for your date.

  3. Talk about taboos

    Getting to know someone is an exhausting process, but you can speed it up. By opening yourself and talking about some more sexual/intimate stuff you’ll leave an impression of being trustworthy. If your date feels uncomfortable, you’ll see it in his eyes, and that’s the sign to stop and transition to another, more likable story.

    If you, however, see some interest in your partner’s eyes, you’ve hit the lottery. You’ve just skipped countless hours of getting to know somebody with a simple maneuver. Don’t get surprised if he starts talking about his sexual interests as well; maybe he wants to break the ice and get the things started. You should not be obnoxious, though, keep that in mind.

    Many people are uncomfortable when it comes down to talking about dirty things, and you need to learn how to respect that. You might have a feeling that this is it and you’ve scored, but the truth may be completely different, you never know. That’s why communication is so important on gay dates. By knowing what someone likes or doesn’t like, you’ll open some new gates.

    For example, if you find out your date loves pizza through a simple conversation, you could surprise him with a pizza place on your next date. Turn on your imagination and the sky is the limit. Nothing is stopping you from having a perfect date, your fate is in your hands, you control everything. Maybe your date has a particular kink, and you like it, you’ll connect much faster through some open conversations, for sure.